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Why Accredited Caregiver Specialists?

Quality and Affordability
We provide Options for your loved ones to maintain their independence. Our caregivers must pass State and Federal background checks and our proprietary 12-step personality, psychological, and skills screening. You can rest assured that the seniors who depend on you are receiving the very best in elder care.

Our fees are designed so that Caregivers can be paid competitive wages, permitting our office to attract the best Caregivers in the area. We keep our administrative overhead to a minimum to offer the best value for our clients and their families. Our highly trained, highly qualified office staff provides frequent follow-up, guidance, and updates to family and medical professionals.

There are no required pre-authorizations, and our clients are never locked into a long-term contract. In addition, the services can be provided within a setting that the client is most comfortable living in.

When is a good time to consider getting a caregiver?

Clues to the need for help may be all around…the senior seems to be falling behind on normal daily activities, the home environment isn't as well kept as it used to be, or when the senior is losing substantial weight. These and other signs indicate that a caregiver may be able to improve the quality of life for the senior. Some cases are more severe than others, but to the trained eye, it's apparent when a person needs some help to remain independent in their home.

Today, in-home care is becoming the viable, valuable alternative for those who need extra assistance. Home care services allow seniors and others to remain in the comfort and convenience of their familiar environment.

Our Caregivers must pass detailed background checks and skills assessment including:

  • In person interview for etiquette
  • Written test for knowledge of caregiver skills.
  • Basic safety skills assessment.
  • Local criminal background check
  • National criminal background check
  • DMV/License Bureau records clearance
  • Work authorization clearance
  • Employer reference check

And much more!