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About Accredited Caregiver Specialists

Our Mission:
To improve the quality of life for those we serve by building long-term relationships with our clients and providing the best service at the best price.  

About Us:
ACS was founded to address the need for quality, affordable, non-medical homecare for seniors. Our goal is to provide options for seniors to maintain independence as they age. Seeking a caregiver can be stressful. Many questions can arise such as:

  • “How do I know if I will be getting the right person for the Job?”
  • “What are the differences between one agency and another?”
  • “What is the wisest decision for our particular homecare needs?”

At ACS we understand that homecare decisions are very personal and often difficult to make. Our procedures are designed to make the decision of starting homecare easy. Our services are specifically designed to minimize cost while providing responsive, high quality service to the client and their families. A small group of dedicated people whose primary aim is to provide the best service at the best price is what makes the difference. Accredited Caregiver Specialists is an organization that is entirely focused on one outcome…providing our clients with an outstanding Caregiver to improve their quality of life. The directors of Accredited Caregiver Specialists are licensed doctors that have owned and operated healthcare clinics since 1998. Through their network of professional connections, ACS has access to the top geriatric professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.